How Car Dealership Websites Reach Their Kapow Moment



The Kapow Moment is when you turn a hit on your website into an appointment in your dealership. Fewer people than ever go to dealerships to look around and do their research. Consumers instead want to make their decision online, and once they have, they want to take a test drive, fill out the paperwork, and drive off as quickly as possible. The stars in auto sales are focusing their efforts in making sure customers test drive with them. They do it by reaching out into the space where their prospective customers are most comfortable browsing around: on the dealer website.

So how do salespeople get the attention of website visitors? They start with a live chat app and 24/7 online customer service support. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that your sales team has to give up sleep in order to succeed. There are a number of companies out there that service live chats, texts, and overflow calls. Some of them, like the Florida-headquartered Gubagoo, specialize in online lead conversion using data analytics and visitor profiling.

How Car Dealership Websites Reach Their Kapow Moment

Here’s how it works:as soon as a visitor lands on your website, a window opens up with a greeting and an invitation to start chatting. Meanwhile, a behavior analytics system identifies the location and IP address of the visitor. It tracks their path through the site, recording the pages they click. If the visitor takes advantage of the chat window to ask for help, the online consultant already sees which offers and products they’ve viewed. They can then tailor their answers to match the visitor’s buying profile: what’s their price range, what kind of cars are they looking for, and are they looking for financing incentives?

But what if they choose not to engage with the chat window? Just like in any retail store, there are people who will ask for assistance immediately and others who prefer to browse on their own. The BEAST system implemented by Gubagoo evaluates these guests based on things like the depth of their search and how many times they’ve clicked onto your website before. Once they score high enough, it’s time to interrupt. An online chat consultant will initiate a conversation and helpfully encourage them to book a test drive. That’s the Kapow Moment: when an unidentified click onto your website turns into a qualified lead, ready to take a vehicle out for a drive.

If this sounds like a strategy your dealership could benefit from using, find out more about the auto dealer chat tools at Gubagoo. Targeted promotions are also possible without human engagement – the same behavioral intelligence system will profile viewers and, based on that information, alter the promotions that they’re going to see first.Once you’ve driven traffic to your website in the first place, you have to be able to re-target and engage to keep them interested in what you have to offer. Refine your online lead conversion funnel with live chat support today.

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