Does Your Car Have Boat-Like Handling? Learn How To Improve It Today

The thing about car suspension is that the quality of the ride depends on the components used. Some cars have excellent handling abilities. While others border on dangerous! Have you noticed that your car seems to exhibit boat-like handling these days?

If so, you’re not alone. As a car ages, the parts used on its suspension begin to get worn. Of course, you have the option of replacing them with standard items. But if the suspension wasn’t up to scratch from day one, it’s a waste of money doing that.

Instead, you should think of upgrading your suspension with higher quality items. In today’s blog post, I discuss some of the best ways to improve your pride and joy’s handling. Soon you won’t have to put up with mediocre suspension! Here is what you need to know:


Hustvedt / Wikimedia Commons

Lowering springs

One of the components that make up your car’s suspension system are the springs. They compress when you drive over uneven ground or bumps on the road. As they do so, they become stiffer.

The standard springs used on production vehicles are quite long, and so they have a lot of distance to travel. Lowering springs shorten the amount of travel because there are fewer coils in each spring.

They are also more rigid and robust. That means when you go over bumps on the road; the springs don’t compress much. In layman’s terms, that equates to having a car that feels stiffer on the road. When you go around corners at speed, for example, you won’t feel the rear of the car sliding out.

You can buy springs lowered at different rates, depending on how stiff you want the ride to be. 35mm lowering springs offer the right mix of ride quality and stance. Anything lower and you will feel every single bump in the road. Good for handling, but bad for your teeth!

Air suspension

An alternative to conventional springs is air struts. In essence, they are airbags that surround your shock absorbers. You can adjust the ride height of your air suspension with controls inside your car.

Air suspension is often found on lowriders. But these days all kinds of mainstream cars have aftermarket air suspension kits fitted!

Adjustable shock absorbers

To complement lowering springs, car enthusiasts often fit aftermarket adjustable shock absorbers. The “height” of the car is adjustable with a dial on top of each strut. One downside of adjustable shock absorbers is that you must be precise with your adjustments.

Otherwise, you end up with a car that can have adverse handling!

Strut brace

When you drive around corners, your car flexes. You might not have known this fact, but don’t get alarmed! It’s a characteristic of all vehicles. To lessen the negative effects of flexing on the road, you can fit strut braces to it.

You can buy a front strut brace that fits on top of the suspension towers in your engine bay. And you can also get one that fits at the back of your car too.


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