Car Batteries are Important: Know What Makes a Good One

While it’s true that all cars need to be able to stand up to the tests of the road no matter where they are, it’s also a fact that Canadian cars need to work harder than most: they have to drive faster, brake harder, and most importantly, stand up to the harshest climate conditions. For all this, Canadian drivers and car owners need the best performance possible, which means needing the highest-quality equipment, including a reliable battery. In many cases, a car’s battery can be the make-or-break element when it comes to withstanding the elements and conquering tough conditions. When looking for a car battery, vehicle owners need to be aware of what qualities are the most important in order to make a smart purchase.

A good warranty is the number-one indicator of a good battery. If the product is well-made, the company should stand behind it. A guarantee of service is something you should be able to rely on. The minimum should be set at three years; anything less, and the product is probably not well-built. A company like Canadian Energy that guarantees their product is always a good bet. Maintenance-free designs are also key to a worry-free battery. Don’t get fooled into buying a cheap battery and find out later that it requires maintenance by the user.



It’s also important to know what sort of climate your car battery will need to withstand. If you live in the northern United States or Canada, you will want a battery with higher cold-cranking amps (CCA). You will find these often labeled “N” or “North”; it’s also best to stick with Canadian-owned companies that understand the unique challenges of the environment when purchasing a battery for a Canadian car. (Visit to find out more about the different kinds of batteries on the market.)

Also consider what type of driving that you will be doing. If your car is loaded with power-hungry extras, like extra lights and power amps, you will want to consider a high-performance battery. Similarly, if you do any off-road driving, you will want a brand of battery that has been proven to withstand it.

A minor but important detail when looking for a battery is the reserve capacity. This is the capacity of the battery to continue running while the car is off and still be able to start the car. This would be important for someone with a bad habit of leaving the lights on, or for someone who often sits in the car just listening to the radio. The higher reserve capacity, the more expensive the battery will be.

This may seem like a lot to take in, and in one sense it is – there are always a number of factors to consider in the purchase of a car battery. But at the same time, it only benefits you to consider every angle in your search for a reliable car battery. Once you consider all of these factors, and decide for yourself who makes the best option for your car, you’ll have a reliable vehicle that serves you well for years to come. And if you are buying in a harsh climate, make sure you consider a brand close to home – Canadian Energy seems to be the best brand on the market for Canadian cars today, considering their extensive product guarantee.


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