Buying New vs Buying Used: The Ultimate Fight

Deciding whether to buy a new car or a used car is a decision we’ve all weighed up before. We love the pull of a brand new vehicle. Fresh off the production line it is untouched, reliable and just how you want it. On the other hand, you could get a much better deal when you buy second hand. Today we’re pitting new against used! In the red corner, the brand new car, in the blue corner, the used vehicle. Let’s see who comes out on top.



New Cars

You choose every detail – The beauty of a new car is that you can make it yours. You can specify the colour, the interior trim and the engine size. You can install luxury extras or fancy gadgets. You can tailor the car around your family and lifestyle. There really is no better feeling than knowing it’s all yours.

Full warranty and no hidden history – When you buy a new car, you’re buying peace of mind. You know that there is no dodgy past or faulty parts hidden in the engine. It’s straight off the shelf and in perfect condition. It will also come with up to seven years of guaranteed reliability with a factory warranty. The car will, of course, cost you more up front. However, you’ll save money on running costs and maintenance.

Technology and fuel efficiency – Brand new cars come equipped with the most up to date gadgets. This isn’t just about great toys, however. These cars are fitted with technology based safety features that help you on the road. New cars are also more efficient which will save you money at the pumps and run longer.

Used Cars

Cost – Quite simply, buying secondhand is the most cost effective way of purchasing your next car. You avoid the dreaded process of depreciation. Cars lose up to half their value in the first three years. Pick one up after this period and you’ll avoid the process entirely. The more modern cars will perform almost as well three years down the line too.

Choice – There are over 7 million secondhand cars sold every year in this country alone. Whether it’s at the dealership or online at, you are spoilt for choice. Look hard enough and you’ll find the colour, model and specification you want. Thanks to all this choice, it puts you in a good position to negotiate. You can cut costs down even further.

You can still trust them – Getting your hands on a two or three year old car means you can still trust them. Modern cars are built to run 100,000 miles, that’s more than ten years on average mileage. Warranties are now over seven years long too. That means your second hand car is still reliable and retains great performance.

After reading this, you should have a good idea of which route is best for you. They both have their advantages, but it’s down to your personal preference. So, what’s it to be? A brand new car, or the secondhand dealer?


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