Should You Buy A New Or Used Car?

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A quick glance at the sticker-price on a new car can leave you breathless. It can’t be that much, surely? Brand new cars come with a price. You’ve got to pay for that new car smell. It’s enough to send you running straight to the used-car dealership instead. A new car doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Sure, you’ll pay more upfront than a used car, but it might give you less hassle in the long run, saving you money.

If you’re considering switching cars or making your first time purchase, it’s worth taking the time to do your research. Let’s take a look at the difference between buying new and buying used.


Buying a new car means you get a little peace-of-mind. You know you’ve got a quality piece of technology. You know that you’re driving away with a full warranty package and the support and assistance of the dealer. Just in case anything goes wrong.

You can also be sure that you get the exact specification you want. You can add on those extras and choose the right colour. There’s no dodgy history to worry about. No need to fret that someone has tampered with the mileage or used it as a getaway car.

New cars are also much safer. They’ve got all the built in special features and snazzy airbag technology. They handle better so you’re less likely to crash. Be warned though, most breakdowns in new cars are the result of electrical faults which are a little harder to fix at the side of the road.

But what about all the money it costs? Well yes, it will set you back a bit from the outset. But new cars are way more fuel efficient. You’ll spend much less money at the pump. You also won’t spend a fortune on maintenance and breakdown cost.

If you’re in it for the long run, a new car is a great option. After the initial depreciation it’ll hold value better so you can sell it on and you won’t pay as much to keep it going.


Sometimes that up-front cost is just too crippling. But don’t worry, a used car is still a great deal if you do your homework. First off, you are spoilt for choice. You might not get to choose your own spec, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find it.

And you don’t have to miss out on factory warranties. Many warranties are now so long that they’ll cover a second owner. Plus there are so many reputable used car dealerships out there in the used car lots in St. Louis, and hundreds of other cities, that you can expect a great service and assistance once you’ve left the forecourt. Just like when you buy a new car.

Naturally, they come cheaper and you avoid the impact of depreciation. Some new cars can lose 30-40% of their value in the first two years. Not a problem when youbuy a used car.


It comes down to your personal circumstances and preferences. Are you in it for the long-haul and happy to pay up-front? Go for a new car. You’ll less over its lifetime. But if you need something quickly and haven’t got the cash spare, a used car might be your best option. Shop around and you’ll find the perfect car for you.

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