Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer Connecticut

Most of us need a car these days – whether it’s to get to work or for family use – and buying a good quality, pre-owned car involves some serious expense. Of course, you could go down the route of buying an older model from a private dealer, and hope that everything hangs together. The problem is, you know it won’t, and you’ll end up spending plenty money to put things right. Furthermore, you have no guarantee that the car you are buying is safe and sound, so it’s always best to go to a dealer.

But what if you need finance? Not all of use can come up with the price of a car easily, and getting a loan from the banks these days is far from easy. Or, you might have a poor credit record – or none at all – and have given up on the chance of affording a decent car. What you need to do is check out Frank’s Auto Credit, a dealer in Manchester, Connecticut, that also sorts out the finance deal for you. They are the leading Buy Here Pay Here car dealers in the region, and always carry a stock of varied and top quality used vehicles that are ready to go.

Bad Credit Specialists

One of the great things about Frank’s Auto Credit is that they have access to the very best credit deals, and they also specialise in getting the best value for people with bad credit histories. You shouldn’t be ashamed if this is you, as you may be surprised how many people don’t have squeaky clean credit scores! They can find you a great deal, and most of the cars in their stock can be purchased with as low as a $750 down-payment, with very fair credit deals following.

What sort of vehicle are you looking for? Frank’s always has a great variety of cars to choose from, so if you are in the market for an affordable family sedan you’ll have plenty of choice. Last time we looked they had a choice of Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, Nissan Versa and more, all with great specifications and at very sensible prices, and each checked and vetted for safety and road-worthiness.

Full Range of Vehicles

If you’re looking for an SUV, Frank’s can help too! We saw a great deal on a Chevy Captiva and Ford Escape among their inventory, and stock changes all the time so it’s wort checking out regularly. With sports cars, luxury vehicles, convertibles and more to choose from, you can be assured that Frank’s Auto Credit will not only get you the car you want, but also the best deal on car finance around, whatever your credit history.

It makes sense to buy from a reputable dealer who can offer you clean, tested and reliable pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models, so why not get in touch with Frank’s Auto Credit now and see how easy it can be for you to have the car of your dreams.

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