Brief Guide to Choosing the Right Van


Vans are a necessity for many people up and down the country, because without them they would not be able to work properly, if at all. As there is so much choice out there, it is not as easy as you’d think to buy a great van.

To help, we have put together a guide to choosing the right van for all your needs.


When looking for the right used van, you need to do lots of research before you part with you cash. Below are some of the things you need to think about before speaking to van dealers:

Type – Consider whether you need a long wheelbase van a pickup truck, larger panel van or something small such as a Ford Transit Connect.

Budget – Once you know the type of van you want, work out how much you can spend on it. Research to find out the price that the type of van you are interested in sells for and decide whether you can buy it or not.

Specifications – Do you want a van that is comfortable and has special features or one the will get you and your equipment from one place to another?


There are 3 options available to you when you want to buy a van. They are finance lease, business loan and cash. Cash is the best option if you have a reasonable salary or money saved, as it avoids the interest involved in the other options.

Van Insurance

Before you buy a van, use comparison websites to calculate the cost of the insurance, as you will be able to figure out if you can afford a particular van and the insurance.

Running Costs

Finally, after figuring out the initials costs, you need to work out the average running costs of the van.

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