Is Brake Maintenance Important?


Is it important to have your brakes regularly maintenanced to avoid larger more dangerous issues in the future? We think so. Not only for your protection, but for other drivers on the road as well as the safety of your vehicle.

Listen Carefully

It is imperative to the life of your brakes that you pay attention to the sounds they are making when you begin to brake and when you come to a complete stop. Are they squealing? Making a grinding noise? The squealing could be caused by friction from the brake lining, and if you don’t get it checked out, it can cause serious problems with the brake drums and rotors. If you’re hearing grinding, it’s indicative of worn brake pads. That means that metal is rubbing against metal. In this case also, you can end up with damaged brake drums and rotors. A good rule to follow when it comes to the sound of your brakes is to remember that if your brakes are making any sound at all, they need to be checked out. No sound from your brakes is a good sound.

The Drag Affect

Have you ever applied the brakes and then had the sensation that the car was pulling to one side? This is caused by worn or uneven brake pads. In some cases, the dragging can be caused by air in the brake lines or contaminated brake fluid. It’s a good idea if you suspect something is wrong to go ahead and have it checked out before it becomes a serious issue.

Brake Pumping

If you’ve ever had to pump the brakes to get your car to come to a complete stop, this can be indicative of a leak in the braking system or air in the lines. Don’t hesitate to get this checked out, because the alternative is losing your brakes completely while driving and risking not only your own safety, but the safety of other drivers.

Maintenance is Key

As is the case with most things, we often take the brakes on our vehicles for granted. That is, until it’s too late. Checking your brakes for signs of wear and tear every 12,000 or so miles is a good idea if you don’t know what the average is for your vehicle. However, if and when possible consult a mechanic about what’s best for your car.

Instead of taking our brakes for granted every single time we make a stop at a red light, remember to get them serviced and taken care of. The way you brake can also have a major effect on lifespan and performance. If you’re slamming on your brakes a lot, chances are, the lifespan isn’t going to be near as long as if you were sliding into stops. Our advice to you? Give your brakes a break and have them serviced regularly by a technician who knows your vehicle for optimal performance.

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