Best New On Board Car Gadgets And Gizmos

Technology in our cars has moved on leaps and bounds lately. As car manufacturers scramble over themselves to outdo each other, the choices for us as buyers of new cars has grown. Lots of innovations in communications has led to more connectivity between phones and the car. This means we can have our favorite tunes on, take phone calls, and even hear text messages as they come through.

Nowadays, it would be rare to buy a new car that didn’t have a great gadget pack attached. Sometimes labeled Media Centers, the car’s music hub has a bigger screen, more connectivity and built in extras. Satellite navigation built into the car has become the norm. Speech control has also really taken off, although some systems are quite hit-and-miss when it comes to understanding you.


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With all these gadgets integrated into the car, you may be wondering how it affects your insurance premiums. Well, that too is hit and miss. Many of the features on the car are about safety and reducing your risk of having an accident. Parking sensors on the back are quite normal. You can also have built-in cameras to see what is behind you, and parking sensors at the front. All of these help prevent you causing damage by accidentally bumping another vehicle as you park. They should lower your premium.

Other new features on cars include improved security. Keyless entry and ignition make it far more difficult for your car to be stolen if you are not in it. Carjacking has been a huge problem. This is where a thief will drive off in your car after removing you from it in some way. Without the key inside the vehicle, it isn’t going to get very far. Trackers on vehicles are better because you can view your car’s movements on an app from your phone. This helps you prove your usage and mileage if you are hoping to reduce insurance premiums.

Other safety features like airbags and impact protection means cars have never been safer should you be involved in a high-speed crash. The better the protection, the lower the premium, in theory. Of course, insurance companies have their own risk calculators. While they may be aware of innovations and gadgets to reduce the chance of damage and harm, few may be using them to reduce the cost of premiums. You can use a number of online quote systems including this site to see what you might have to pay.

Each insurance company is different, and risks are calculated following a list set of factors. Ultimately, your history as a driver, your age, and your occupation are more likely to count toward the total charged. The make and model are determined mainly for the cost of replacement, and chances of recovery from theft. Insurance companies may or may not be missing a trick by choosing not to recalculate a car’s risk. The cars we can buy today are certainly doing their part to make our time on the roads as pleasant and as safe as we can be. For now, cheaper cars mean cheaper premiums.

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