The Best Car Models For Learner Drivers


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Learning to drive can be a whirlwind experience for even the most confident individual. When I started, I just remember feeling overwhelmed. There’s so much to remember, and such huge consequences for any mistake. In the beginning, I used to get in the car feeling terrified at the start of every lesson. Choosing the right car for any learner can help to reduce these feelings. If you’re comfortable in the vehicle that you’re driving, then you’ll learn at a better pace. It’s just common sense.

It’s good to start small when first venturing out onto the road. No-one wants to learn how to drive in a big beast of a machine! A little city car or hatchback is fantastic for any learner. Newer versions of these cars are practical as well as easy to drive. That simplicity is key for a learner driver. You don’t want to complicate an already tricky process. These cars are also getting safer, which will ease any nerves for parents. Furthermore, they’re affordable too. A smaller car is often cheaper to run, tax and buy. Here are some examples.


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The Ford Fiesta is a classic car for learners. It comes with a small engine, which is ideal. They have also been well rated for safety. The Fiesta received five stars from Euro NCAP, the independent vehicle safety watchdog. Ford in general also gained praise for vehicle safety. This acclaim means it’s wise to look more widely at the cars they offer. The Fiesta is best for a learner driver, however. A lot of other models may be too bulky for a first-time driver.


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If it’s quality you’re looking for, then think Volkswagen. A VW Polo would be good for any learner and will also last them a long time after they’ve passed. Everyone knows that a Volkswagen will run to the ends of the earth and back again. Again, they’re safe cars, with good visibility and a smooth ride. I borrowed a Polo from my partner once, and I’ve never driven a vehicle that was simpler. If only I’d taken her advice and bought one for myself!


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It’s hard to go wrong when buying Japanese, either. The Toyota Aygo comes well recommended. It’s a cute car, but tough too. The car was subjected to rough treatment on BBC’s Top Gear. Silly, maybe, but it showed how resilient they were. Easy to drive and good with fuel, Toyota designed the Aygo with simplicity in mind. They’re lightweight and simple to handle. All in all, they’re a great start for any new driver.

The guidelines for a learner driver’s vehicle are straightforward. You want safety, simplicity and something small. The three cars mentioned above fit the bill, but there are dozens of other alternatives. You can visit to take a look at vehicles like these. It’s always best to deal with someone you can trust for a learner vehicle. You don’t want to get caught out and end up stuck with a dud. That is especially true for inexperienced drivers. Stick to my advice – and drive safe!


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