Bentley Continental GT – The Best Car a Jackpot Can Buy



Bentley Continental GT

26 year old Afghanistan veteran Jon Heywood has most likely seen many of his dreams come true last October, when he hit the largest ever online jackpot ever, worth over 13 million UK pounds. He was a newbie casino player, but he chose his game well. Mega Moolah, a video slot machine available at the All Slots real money online casino has made him a millionaire after just a few days of playing.

Heywood was reserved when asked how he will spend all the money he won. He planned to pay for his father’s medical treatment, take his family on a cruise, and replace his banged up Fiat Punto. And the car of his choice is none other than a brand new, yellow Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT is the wheels of choice for celebrities, billionaires and superstars. Priced just above $200,000, it is filled with every bit of luxury a massive jackpot can buy. It comes in three flavors when it comes to its engine: 500-hp V-8, a 521-hp V-8 S, and a 567-hp W-12, all of them with an eight-speed automatic shift and all-wheel drive.

Although many have doubted the brand’s viability once it was overtaken by Volkswagen, the Continental has managed to keep its charm and desirability. After 2011 the model was re-styled, now having a contemporary look and feel. It’s visually more appealing than the original – the increased freedom the design team (led by Dirk van Braeckel) had when building the car is visible. The car comes with a standard set of 20″ wheels, but there is an option for a set of 21 inchers as well. The body is a bit wider, and the overall looks of the car are more suggestive to what is under its hood.

When it comes to its interiors, the Bentley Continental GT is keeping things traditional. It has a new steering wheel, and that’s about the biggest of its new features. What lacks in innovation, the Conti GT makes up in luxury – its leather covers, hand-made aluminium fascia inserts, walnut veneers and chrome bezeled control dials give it the air of luxury you expect for such a price.

Performance-wise, the Conti GT delivers on its promise to make “countries feel smaller”. It has a total weight of 2.3 tons, but it behaves as if it had one ton less. The V8 version of the car goes from 0 to 62 in less than 5 seconds, and has a top speed of 188 mph.

The Continental GT is not a sports car, so comparing it with similar models – like Porsche’s 911 – would not be fair. In turn, it is a solid, satisfying and impressive ride, masterfully crafted to satisfy any of your needs.

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