Benefits of an Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust



If you own a motorcycle, you likely see it as a your pride and joy and want to look after it, while also putting your own stamp on it so that it stands out from the crowd.  While generally speaking, it is always good to look for genuine parts, if you are interested in customising your bike, while saving some money compared to the manufacturer’s official spare parts, you should consider investing in OEM or aftermarket parts, such as

To help you understand the benefits of investing in aftermarket exhaust parts, such as Yahama bike parts or Kawasaki motorcycle parts to name two, we have listed some of the best reasons below.

Improves Performance

Investing in an aftermarket exhaust could increase the performance of your bike in two specific ways.  The first way is by shedding weight.  Compared to some official manufacturers you will find that aftermarket  exhausts are often made from featherweight and ultra-thin metals and often do not feature catalytic converters.  Even when they do, the overall weight is much lighter, often as much as 20 pounds lighter, which obviously effects the performance of the bike.

The second way aftermarket exhausts can improve the performance of your bike is in power, both the torque and the horsepower can be enhanced.  At first it seems as if this shouldn’t make any sense because after all, what happens inside the exhaust is after the engine cycle.  But think of it this way, by changing your exhaust you will change how your bike’s engine breathes.  If it can breathe more air through the engine, the amount of fuel intake is increased and you get a larger amount of combustion.  This in turn produces more power.

Changes Noise

Exhausts modify the sound produced by the engine when it is working.  Generally, exhausts are there to help decrease the sound level of the engine, because internal combustion is especially loud.  The exhaust pipe reflects pressure waves back against one another, muffling the noise of the engine before it leaves the pipe itself.

However, exhausts don’t just have to decrease the volume, they can be used to alter the sound in various ways.  It actually doesn’t matter much which type of bike you are riding.  This is why if you are looking to have a really nice sound coming from the exhaust and your bike, or want to replicate a particular sound, you should consider aftermarket exhausts.  Whether you are looking to have a  high pitch or low pitch noise or want it to be smooth or rough or the volume to be loud or quiet, you will be able to find an exhaust that can give you it.

Enhances And Customises The Style

If you are customising your bike, you will likely have an idea in your mind of how you would like it to look eventually.  It could be that the manufacturer’s choice of exhaust pipe style for that particular model, is not what you are looking for.  This is another reason why you should look to aftermarket exhausts, like those available from  Whether you are looking for an exhaust with a matte or shiny finish, one that is small or big, or one that is high mounted or low mounted, you will be able to find just the right one you are looking for.

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