Armored Cars

The famous rapper Kanye West, who recently released a new album, set aside about $2.5milion to buy two armored vehicles

When you think armored cars you think the vehicles that take large amounts of money to banks. An armored car is actually just a vehicle with bulletproof glass and reinforced armor plates. Anyone can get an armored car, but not many people realize the benefits of owning one.

Benefits of Owning an Armored Car

Armored cars are an option added by many car manufacturers now days. If it is not an option for your vehicle there are many aftermarket companies that offer this option. Many people think that having an armored car is reserved for the president, celebrities, or government officials. But, any common citizen can have an armored car and benefit from it. Armored cars actually started as a military thing, it is just reinforced armor plates that absorb bullets and other trauma. Armored vehicles also come with tires that will allow you to keep driving your vehicle even if the tires are flattened.

There are many high crime areas in the world; in these areas an armored car could save yours and your family’s life. If a criminal walks up to your window with a gun and shoots, it will most likely hurt or maybe even kill you. If you have armored your vehicle the windows will not shatter and will allow you to get away from the gunman without being hurt. An armored vehicle is actually a very affordable option, especially if it could save your life. There a many different situations that could arise where an armored vehicle would be a benefit.

If you live in an area where car thefts are frequent, having an armored car could save your vehicle from being stolen. Armored vehicles are made to absorb a blow, so the burglar would have a hard time busting your windows or picking the lock on your door. If you are looking into buying a new vehicle soon, check with your manufacturer to see if they offer an armorin’ option. Some companies, such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, or BMW all offer this option. If your manufacturer of choice does not offer the option there are several amazing aftermarket companies that can armor your vehicle. If you are going to go with an aftermarket company, make sure to find a reputable one you can trust.

When you start your search for a reputable company, ask friends and family who they have used and if they had a good experience. If you are unable to find a company through personal referral the internet would be your best option to find a company. Most reputable companies have a website that will outline their services and give an idea of their pricing. The best way to find out if they offer what you need is to go by and let them have a look at your vehicle.

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