Are You Spending Too Much Time In Traffic?

Are You Spending Too Much Time In TrafficBeing a driver on the road can cause you all sorts of headaches, especially when you’re stuck in traffic.

A recent statistic in 2014 showed that motorists spend on average around 30 hours each year stuck in traffic. This is an increase of 10 hours when compared to 2012.

The amount of traffic on the road is going to increase too, so the problem could only get worse. In fact, over the next few years it is expected that there will be around 4 million more drivers on the road.

Scrap Car Manchester company, Recycling Monkey, think we should all be thinking about ways to help improve congestion levels, which will also help reduce emissions too.

Let’s face it, we all spend more time in our cars than we need to. Perhaps it nipping to the shops, or making our way to work, we make the drive for even the smallest of journeys. But, to reduce the amount of traffic and vehicles on our roads, we could opt to use our bicycles, or even share a lift with a local colleague to save two cars being on the road unnecessarily.

London is the worst for congestion and traffic though, but Manchester and Nottingham aren’t far behind. Congestion wastes fuel and older car models produce more emissions than newer models, so if you need to get to work by car, it could be time to trade your old car in for a new model.

Recycling your car is another option too, which could get you some cash for your car and would save you money on getting fuel each week.

Traffic is stressful and can put you in a bad mood throughout work and again when you get home, so beat the traffic and help the environment.

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