A Guide To Windscreen Glass Care

The windshield to a vehicle is not created for appearance sake exclusively. In fact, the primary function of a windshield is not aesthetic, but functional as a means of protecting the driver from external elements and saving their life in the case of a car accident. In the case of collision, windscreens prevent the roof of a car from falling in on the driver and passengers; as well as keeping the front passenger from being thrown forward out of the car.

Regardless of their significant role, the windshield is one of the car items that people rarely consider unless there is a problem. Subconsciously, we consider the windshield to ‘do its job’ and forget, as with all other things, that it requires maintenance to remain in good working order. As an auto glass store, we pride ourselves on keeping customers informed regarding windshield care. This article provides 5 top tips on how to care for your car’s windshield.

Tip #1: Avoid Slamming The Vehicle’s Doors

Believe it or not, slamming a car door can result in severe vibrations within the vehicle which, over time, can lead to side windshields falling off their track according to Don’s mobile glass a provider of auto glass Modesto CA. This needs to be avoided, particularly if you have small chips on the windscreen that have not yet been fixed. If the chip is disturbed, it can easily spread each time you slam the car door.

Tip #2: Do NOT Park In Direct Sunlight If Possible

Houston is considered one of the hottest cities within the United States of America, so this tip is highly relatable to us! If possible, you should try to park your car in shaded areas whenever you can. Long exposure of a vehicle to direct sunlight can reduce the lifespan of a windshield because the UV rays damage the structural integrity and tint of the windows. Furthermore, little chips can worsen when there is a different in the temperature outside and inside of the parked car. If you can find a spot under a tree or can park the car in a garage, this is always the preferable option.

Tip #3: Have All Small Chips Immediately Repaired

Consider the scenario: you are driving, quietly minding your own business, and suddenly a pebble flies at you from nowhere and hits your windshield. It happened so quickly, that before you can process the situation, there is a small chip in your previously pristine front windscreen.

While many people avoid dealing with small chips thinking they are not worth the hassle, do not wait to have the problem repaired! Any person who has dealt with this issue will agree that immediately having the chip repaired can help you avoid any further issues. For a small charge, the tiny chip can be filled on the same day using a special resin to prevent any spreading. Unfortunately, not all chips can be removed completely from the windshield; however, having the chip ‘sealed’ can contain and minimize any further damage.

The other half of the population that has not experienced small chips and the damage they cause will often ignore the issue. This procrastination tends to result in the minute chip morphing into a large crack spanning the entire width of the windshield. It is unsightly to see an attractive car with a massive crack along the windscreen! At this point, people are likely to have the problem repaired when they are either stopped by the police for an unrelated offense and the policeman notices the crack, or they are unable to see out of the windshield any longer because the crack is obscuring their vision.

In this situation, you could have paid a small fee of $20 or $30 to repair the tiny chip; however, you will now need to pay approximately £250 to repair or replace the windshield depending on the severity of the damage and the car. We hope you contact us at this point, but we want people to save money when the can, and these unexpected expenses tend to affect people who are unable to pay exorbitant amounts.

Tip #4: Clean And Replace The Wipers

If you see scratches on your front windscreen, then the chances are that they have become embedded in the front window wipers. In this instance, you should have both the rear and front wipers checked, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. You can utilize a cloth with windscreen washer fluid to get rid of contaminants from the wipers, and this will take less than five minutes to complete. In fact, many people are able to perform this task while they are pumping gas.

Tip #5: Avoid Any Ammonia-Based Cleaners

The majority of people continue to use the incorrect chemicals to clean their windscreens. Ammonia-based cleaners are useful for glass inside the house, but not as a cleaner for windshields. The ammonia destroys the windshield’s tint and can damage the structure of the windscreen. Windows of a property are not tinted, but car windows are; therefore, it is recommended that you utilize special car window cleaning agents, alcohol or vinegar to clean the vehicle windows. Furthermore, apply the cleaner using microfiber towels as they are absorbent and won’t leave streaks on the windshield.


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