9 Advantages Of Taking An Advance Rider Training Course

bike1It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to bike riding, or have been riding for years, whether you have a standard motorcycle, or a built-for-speed performance bike, the bottom line is that every bike rider will benefit from an advance rider training course.

What is advance rider training?

Basically, the knowledge you gain after taking an advance rider training course will equip you with the skills you need to ride on the country’s roads effectively and safely, in all types of conditions.

Their vehicle, to a certain extent, protects car drivers if they are involved in an accident, but it’s a different story altogether when a bike rider is involved in an accident. He or she has to rely solely on skill, knowledge, and attitude when taking to the road and this is where an advance rider training course can help tremendously.

Why is it important to take an advance rider training course?

bike2Accident statistics reveal that more than a quarter of a million people are injured on UK roads every year, with 30,000 of these being serious injuries, and 3,000 resulting in death. Even though less than 1% of the traffic on UK roads is made up of bike riders, they suffer more than 14% of the serious injuries and deaths that occur through accidents. Motorcycle deaths and serious injuries occur around 16 times more than those of vehicle drivers and their passengers.

So, how can an advance rider training course benefit me, you ask?

You can benefit from taking an advance rider training course in many ways:

1. Increased safety and riding ability — the knowledge you gain from the course will make you more capable of managing the hazards you encounter along the road, and in many cases, avoid them altogether.

2. Lower insurance premiums — the majority of insurance companies give reduced premium rates for bike riders who have taken the advance rider training course.

3. Money saving — the advance rider training course will teach you how to save on fuel consumption, and also how to ride in a way that will reduce wear and tear on your bike’s tyres.

4. Understanding your bike — you will learn about your bike’s capabilities and how to control it better, including how to maneuver at a slower speed, like filtering safely in traffic.

5. Increased awareness and observation

6. Improved anticipation of hazards, both actual and potential

7. Boosting your confidence — the knowledge you gain from the course will give your confidence and belief in yourself as a bike rider a boost, which will make bike riding a more pleasurable experience for you.

8. Increased safety for both you and your pillion rider — the advance rider training course will give you the reassurance that you and your passenger are safer on the road.

9. Less likelihood of you being the cause of an accident — having the skills of an advance rider training course behind you, means that there is less chance of you being at fault, should you be involved in an accident.

In conclusion

You, like all other bike riders, are the most vulnerable road users in the UK, and the CBT and standard motor cycling training that you may have done, are not enough to prepare you for the dangers and challenges that you’ll face at some point in your lifetime.

There are many companies offering advance rider training courses on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines, and in various other places. You might have seen these adverts and know of someone who has taken the course, thought about doing it yourself, and then decided that it might not be worth it.

Do yourself a favour and contact Motoden, the company that runs motorbike training courses in London, and speak to them about taking an advance rider training course. You can view their courses here: http://www.londoncbttraining.co.uk/courses/full-motorcycle-training/ They will more than likely tell you about the above-mentioned benefits, and more, of doing the course, which will convince you that taking the course is the best thing that you can do to become a more responsible, happier, and safer bike rider on the country’s roads.

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