7 Habits to Break When Driving Your Car

Lots of people don’t realise that driving is the equivalent of operating heavy machinery. You need to have all of your concentration on the job at hand, otherwise you could end up with a huge fine, or worse…dead. The following 7 habits are some of the worst committed on the road. Don’t be fooled though; they’re not the only bad habits. If you’re doing anything where you’re not fully concentrating on the road, it’s dangerous. Take a look at the following 7 to see if you’re guilty:

Glancing at Your Phone

Using your phone at all on the road is illegal for a reason. All it takes is a split second of lost concentration to hurt yourself or somebody else. You may think that glancing at your phone for a second is harmless, but that’s what everybody who ends up in a terrible accident thinks. Stop before it’s too late!

Swapping CDs

Not a hard task, but this should always be done when you’ve stopped the car. Do not attempt to swap your CDs over while you’re driving. What if you drop one? Did you not see the episode of ‘cold feet’ where Rachel dropped the cassette tape?

Forgetting to Indicate

I don’t know if people really forget to do this or if they just can’t be bothered. It really does seem that some people feel they are an exception to the road and the rule. When you fail to indicate, you confuse other drivers. Not only that, pedestrians can become confused too. This is so dangerous, especially on motorways!

Breaking Last Minute

We were all taught during our driving lessons that we need to break well in advance, so why aren’t more of us doing it? Breaking last minute is uncomfortable for everybody in the car, and dangerous for the cars behind. Ask yourself, ‘do I want to scrap my car?’. If the answer is no, vow to start breaking earlier.


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Forgetting to Wear a Seatbelt

Do you have a death wish? Seatbelts save lives. Some people try to impress their friends by not wearing the seatbelt, others are just, I don’t know…stupid? It’s there for a reason. Many new drivers are guilty of doing this. Wear it or you might not even live to regret it.


We’re all guilty of this from time to time, but you should minimise it as much as you can while driving. You don’t want to end up missing exits and turn ins only to find yourself swerving because you’re in a daze. Driving automatically is one thing, but having a full on daydream is another.

Road Rage

Road rage comes all too easily for some people. Some people make mistakes on the road. We’re only human. Try to be as patient as you can. If you get yourself all worked up, you’re only going to increase your chances of getting into an accident yourself.

Break these habits and you should become a pretty good driver. Good luck!



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