6 Great Reasons to Buy a Honda


If you are in the market for a new car, it can be tricky to navigate through both the new car market and the used car market. If you have a definite car brand and model in mind, then that makes your search a little easier. However, what if you are not sure? What if you aren’t even sure if you want to buy a new car or a used one? Brannon Honda can help you with all your queries, issues and questions. They have the experience and knowledge to help give you the best advice possible on your hunt for that car that is ‘the one’.

Whether you intend on buying a new vehicle or a used one, have you considered a Honda? If you haven’t, we might be able to convince you in the following post. We are going to look briefly at 5 great reasons for investing in a Honda.

They Are Incredibly Stylish

Does style, sophistication and lots of features matter to you? With collision mitigation braking systems, LED lights, remote keyless entry, powered roofs and heated door mirrors in many of the newer Honda models; these remarkable cars have always exuded style and class.

They Are Very Affordable

One of the reasons why people buy Honda time and time again is the value of money they give you. Hondas are known to be very reliable cars, so when you use your hard-earned cash to buy a Honda, you are buying more than just a car, you are buying a sound investment.

They Are Especially Safe

Safety is always at the forefront of the designers and engineers who manufacture Honda vehicles. A quick look at the list of Honda cars that have been voted as being a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, is an indication if ever there was one that Honda is a safe investment in more ways than one.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly

For a long time now, Honda has been an industry leader when it comes to producing fuel-efficient cars and they are always going back to the drawing board and trying to come up with new technologies to increase their level of greenness.


If your vehicle is going to be used to take you and your full family places, you need to give serious consideration to a Honda. Hondas come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and there is model for just about every type and size of family. So, whether you are looking for something cute and compact like the Fit or need a people carrier for 8 like the Odyssey, Honda have you covered.


As was touched upon above, Honda have a staggering variety of different sizes and shapes. You could opt for something classic like a Honda Civic or look at investing in a Honda Pilot. Whatever you choose, you are going to have the same experience that comes with driving a Honda. Responsive, safe and a whole lot of fun.

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