5 of the Best-Selling Electric Cars

There are now more options for you in the way of electric cars than ever before in 2019. So many that you may find it difficult trying to decide on which is best for you. That’s what we aim to help you with in the following post as we have highlighted what we believe to be 5 of the best of the crop of electric cars available to buy this year.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has been a popular electric car ever since it was first released and with the MK2 edition, it’s taken leaps and bounds forward from that first model. The idea was to make an electric car with mainstream appeal. One that can provide an appealing 217-miles per charge. Even if it could be overly optimistic that you could achieve that in a normal driving situation, 150-miles is not out of the question. By far the biggest change with the newer model is the motor that’s capable of 320Nm of torque and 148bhp. For more information check out your local Nissan dealer.

Tesla Model S

If you have a sizeable budget, why not look to the crème de la crème of electric cars in the form of the Tesla Model S. Often with electric cars, there’s compromises made. So, it may be economical and fuel efficient, but won’t be as fast or as luxurious as its normal fuel counterparts. Fortunately, the Tesla Model S delivers on all fronts. It’s luxurious, think Mercedes, it’s fast, like a Porsche and as eco-friendly like the Nissan Leaf. It’s a similar size to the BMW 7 and has lots of tricks up its sleeve. The attractive thing about it is the all-electric powertrain that powers that offers 311-miles per charge.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a different kettle of fish to any other BMW available now. It sticks with the tradition of the manufacturer having rear-wheel-drive but utilises an electric motor capable of producing 168bhp and a lithium-ion battery. As standard, it’s capable of between 80 and 125-miles on a single charge. However, there’s special REx or Range Extenders available that provide the car with an additional 2-cylinder motorcycle engine to help top the battery up. This can easily double the range of the motor.

With a similar size to that of the Ford Fiesta, it’s surprising how roomy and cavernous it feels inside. It’s also made from aluminium and carbon-fibre so has a more lightweight feel.

Volkswagen e-Golf 2019

If you’re already a fan of the Volkswagen Golf, you’ll be easily won over by the electric version. It drives as easy as any Volkswagen does and is spacious enough for four people to sit comfortably with luggage in tow. Although it’s a little pricier than a normal Golf, it offers an engine capable of m134bhp and will run for 125-miles on a single charge.

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2019

A Chevy that’s also electric…we must be dreaming. Wrong, one of the most affordable and sporty looking small electric vehicles happens to be the Chevrolet Bolt. With 200bhp engine and a driving range of around 238-miles on a single charge, this is a stunning little car. The updated model for 2019 sees the addition AC and heat buttons on the touchscreen and a tire-fill alert.

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