5 Key Benefits To Getting The Driver CPC Qualification

In the past, it was not necessary to have Driver CPC training, even if you worked in the haulage or public transportation sector.  However, a few years ago, the legislation changed across Europe and since then it has become a necessity.  As Driver CPC certification, along with the standard vocational driving licence, is an essential part of training if you want to work as a professional lorry, coach or bus driver; you won’t be able to start a career in any sectors using those vehicles without it.  However, you may be wondering, aside from the above, the point of investing in Driver CPC training.  There are lots of different reasons why you should do it, not least of all if you are looking to get work as a lorry, bus or coach driver.  In the following post, we will highlight 5 of the key benefits to participating in Driver CPC training.

It Trains You To Be A Better And Safer Driver

Participating and passing Driver CPC training means that you learn how to be a better and safer driver.  As well as reducing the number of casualties on the country’s busy roads; you will also be helping to protect the most vulnerable people on the road.  This includes older people, children cyclists, motorcyclists and of course, pedestrians.  It will also help to reduce the amount employers have to spend on vehicle repair and decrease the amount they might lose because of accidents.  Even if you want to just sharpen your skills and capabilities of a driver in general, the Driver CPC certification training can help you achieve this.

It Helps Open More Career Options

As already touched upon in the opening paragraph, Driver CPC is an essential qualification for anyone who is looking to work in the transport and haulage industry as a lorry, coach or bus driver.  Even if you have not considered this a possibility in the past, it is worth thinking seriously about.  There is a lot of need for bus, coach and lorry drivers these days and even if you are not sure those are the right careers for you could invest in the training and improve your CV, adding another string to your bow.  Potential employers will respect your versatility.

It Makes You A Healthier, More Aware Driver

One major concern for the majority of professional drivers is and should be their health and whether they are doing all they can or not to remain healthy and alert while driving larger vehicles.  The CPC Driver training courses are designed to help tackle issues related to the symptoms and effects of stress and fatigue, eating habits, lifestyle and general health to ensure you are the healthiest and most alert driver you can be.  Even if you have no plans to start a career path to become a lorry, bus or coach driver; it can still improve your skills as a driver in general.  You never know when it might become useful to have that kind of training under your belt though.

It Benefits The Environment

There has been a lot of studies conducted that has shown that drivers who have the best training and qualifications can help to reduce the country’s fuel consumption levels by around 9.5% at least.  This has obvious benefits to the environment, as it will reduce the carbon emissions produced yearly and lower the country’s carbon footprint. Having the professional training necessary for driving larger vehicles will increase your understanding of how they work and how to get the best out of them, whether on short or long distance journeys.

Financially Sound

Along with the environmental benefits of reducing fuel consumption; Driver CPC training also benefits companies and employees financially.  As less fuel is used, less money is spent on fuel, saving money for you and any potential employers.  Further to that, it helps you to make better use of load transportation, which is essential when you are working professionally in the haulage business as a lorry driver.

As you can see from the above, there are a lot of great reasons why you should invest in CPC training.  Not only does the certification open up many doors of opportunity for you career-wise; which can make all the difference.  It sets you apart from other employees who do not have the qualification, it is a legally essential piece of certification and can help you to become a better, safer, more alert and environmentally conscious driver; as well help to reduce the cost of fuel consumption.

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