5 Essentials To Keeping Your Car Happy This Winter

As the temperature drops and the days become shorter, you should have by now started preparing your car for winter driving.  It is very easy to take your car for granted and expect it to give you the same level of service each and every day, with the same efficiency and smoothness.  However, as the world becomes a colder place, your car can struggle to keep up with the increasingly challenging environment and conditions.

In the following article, you will find 5 essential things you can do to keep your car happy in the winter time.

Check The Oil

Checking the oil is something that really should be common sense, and is one of the oldest pieces of advice in the rule book.  However, many seem to forget all about.  If your car has sludgy oil or a limited amount of oil, the engine won’t be able to run as efficiently as it should.  When you check your oil if you find it lacking or not the best consistency, you should either drain it and replace it or top it up as needed.  Your car will really experience the benefits for all of the winter months.

Check Your Tyres

Whether it is wet or cold or both, you can be completely sure of one thing at winter time in Britain – the roads will be rather slippery.  It is important to ensure there is a reasonable and safe amount of tread on the tyres to make sure you are able to drive in a straight line.  Experts often recommend at least 3 mm depth, which is actually around two times as much the legal minimum.  You could be faced with ice and snow on an a day to day basis, so you you may want to invest in snow chains or winter tyres, just to make sure you are specially safe.

You may be tempted to opt for used tyres at this time of year.  Although there is much debate about the safety of used tyres, regardless of what side you fall on this debate – winter may not be the time to choose to invest in part worn tyres and if you have been running on used tyres throughout the year, the winter time might be the best time to invest in a set of brand new tyres.

Top The Washer Fluid Up

Imagine driving on a busy road with a salty spray covering your car’s wind shield from all angles and because your washer fluid has ran out you have to make use of that one little bit of clear window.  That doesn’t sound particularly comfortable or safe, does it?  Therefore, to avoid this causing you problems, you should make sure your washer jets are topped up and fully charged with the correct screen wash, particularly one that won’t freeze up when the temperature drops below zero.

Refill Your Radiator

You shouldn’t just be concerned about keeping the radiator in your car topped up during winter time.  It should be done regardless of the season.  However, during the cold winter months it is important to use antifreeze as this will prevent the liquid in your car’s cooling system from completely freezing up.  You should get into the habit of keeping some pre-mixed coolant in your car, so that you can refill it whenever your radiator system needs to be topped up.

Park Wisely

To ensure that your car is more likely to start each and every morning when it is damp and cold during the winter months, you will benefit from being wise with regards to your parking.  It is particularly a good idea to park under cover, where the conditions are warm and dry.  If this is not possible, then you should try to find the most sheltered spot possible.  Perhaps you could find a tall hedge to park beside or in the lee of your home.  This will provide your car with a measure of protection against from the harmful effects of the cold, wet and freezing elements.  It will also help to reduce the amount of ice on your car and the time and effort you need to spend scraping it off before you can get your day started in your car.

Although this list of five essential things you can do to show your car love during the cold and miserable winter months is not particularly exhaustive, it highlights some of the most important and relative simple things you can do.  There are many other things you can do and it goes without saying that the more you do in terms of maintenance and preventative care for your car, will ensure that you and your car get through winter in one piece.

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