4 Affordable Steps To A Super Fly Van

Having some awesome wheels is a dream of many man, woman or child. But having the money to walk into a supercar showroom and fork out £100K on a flash motor is beyond the reach of most people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some serious style and originality into your driving experience. And one of the best ways to do just that is to buy a van.

Think about what you are going to do with it first. Perhaps you can see yourself traveling around the country in a one-man small van with a bed in the back. Or maybe you want something bigger, in more of a motorhome style? The only limits are your imagination, so sketch out a plan of action before investing.


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Buy A Van

Vans can be expensive to buy brand new, but if you look at the used market there some bargains to be had. Take a look on the web for company’s like vanwisegroup.com to see the kind of prices that you can expect. Although it might be a reasonable investment, when you compare it against the cost of a motorhome, it is insignificant. Don’t be alarmed with how plain and boring your van might look at first sight. It won’t be long before you will change your mind completely.

Do The Insides First

It’s best to pimp out the insides of your van first. Think about installing a sunroof so you can gaze up at the stars at night, and if you are planning to use it as a touring vehicle, you will need some kind of bed. Use chipboard wherever possible to keep the weight down. There are plenty of flat screen TVs and monitors you can buy for vehicles, so invest in one of you think it will provide some entertainment. Place some seats around so that you can enjoy the company of guests, and don’t forget to add a fridge to hold a few beers for when you aren’t driving.

Buy A New Stereo

The chances are that your van will need a stereo upgrade to match the amazing work you have done on the rest of it. You will have a lot of space to place speakers, so there will be some fun to be had arranging things. You could even think about soundproofing the inner walls, just to clarify your tunes and allow you to keep them pumped up without disturbing too many people. Head over to our guide for some sound advice!

Spray Paint

Now get some spray paint of your choice and turn your plain old white van into a thing of beauty. Go for a plain solid colour if you like, or you could even turn it into a piece of moving art by adding your own graffiti. It’s entirely up to you what you do, although anything offensive is likely to be frowned on by officers of the law!

And that’s about it. There is plenty of inspiration around the web for turning a simple white van into a glorious motorhome. All you need is a little investment and some great ideas.

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