3 Trusty Car Manufacturers You Know And Love

Buying a car is a big step in anyone’s life but can also be a stressful step. You want to know that you are getting the best deal you possibly can and the best car to suit your needs. But maybe you don’t know enough about cars to make an informed decision on your own. There is so much to consider when deciding to buy a car that it can prove very overwhelming at times.

You will need to make many decisions before you buy a car. How much are you going to spend? Be sure to set a budget and stick to it as much as possible. Will you rent or buy a car? Are you going to go with a second-hand car or a brand new model? What will you be using the car for? What will the upkeep be and can you afford it?

These are all questions you will want to consider. But  on top of these there are also practical issues to take into account. Issues such as how roadworthy the car is, how much gas it uses and if it’s reliable.

When you are just starting out, and you are brand new to the concept of buying a car it can be difficult to know any of these things for sure. Much of the time you will be relying on good faith that the dealership is honest with you. But sometimes this doesn’t always work out, and people can feel taken advantage of.

A good approach is to choose a car by a renowned and top rated manufacturer. This will help to ease your mind and ensure that you are selecting a reliable car, for the most part.

Here are three highly recommended manufacturers you no doubt will have heard of:

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Honda is a Japanese car manufacturer founded in 1946. They are a renowned name in the car world and are still an industry heavyweight today. Honda cars are often recognised for their strength and reliability. The company has been voted the UK’s most reliable car brand for more than seven years running.

In later years, the company expanded to include the manufacture of power equipment and even planes. Most recently Honda could be seen entering motorsports as they teamed up with Formula 1 giants McLaren.

2009-2010_Ford_FG_G6_Limited_Edition_sedan_01Image Source


Ford are one of the great heavyweights of the automobile industry, and they remain an American institution. They are producers of maybe the most popular and convenient cars on the planet. Ford is synonymous with quality, affordability and longevity.

If you live in Maryland and want to get your hands on a Ford, used or new, you can check out Ford dealer Baltimore. With Ford, you are guaranteed great value and a reliable vehicle that won’t let you down.

Volkswagen_Jetta_118_TSi_Comfortline_-_Best_Medium_Car_under_$50,000_-_Australias_Best_Cars_-_Flickr_-_NRMA_New_CarsImage Source


Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer. Their technology is world renowned as being state-of-the-art. The modifications they make to their vehicles increase the safety, speed and durability of their cars.

Volkswagen has three of the top 10 best-selling cars of all time. The German heavyweights continue to attract attention throughout the industry for their quality.

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