3 Crucial Road-trip Hacks that will make your life Easier


If you are planning a road-trip, you are about to embark on a truly memorable experience that will stand the test of time. Whether you look to head abroad and enjoy America’s iconic Route 66, traverse the spiralling roads of Southern Europe or explore the UK’s hidden coastline, you will be able to see a different side of the world and experience truly diverse terrain first-hand. Ideal for both families and young adventurers, the classic road trip represents a once-in-lifetime travel experience.

3 things to remember when embarking on a Road Trip 

Regardless of your precise route or destination, there are several key things you will need to remember if your road-trip is to be a success. For example: – 

Adequate and relevant Breakdown Cover 

While it is inconvenient to break down at the best times, this can be a living nightmare when travelling overseas. This is especially true if you do not have breakdown coverage, as typical UK policies are unlikely to include provisions for overseas travel as standard. Even breaking down in some areas of the UK may invalidate your policy, especially when traversing unusual or difficult terrain. With this in mind, you will need to speak to your service provider directly prior to travelling, before either adding a contingency to your existing coverage or seeking out additional cover from a specialist breakdown firm such as Start Rescue.

All insurance and Identification Documentation 

In the event of an accident in the UK, you will be required to present all insurance and identification documentation to the relevant authorities. The laws relating to road safety and compliance change from country to country, however, so it is better to take additional supporting documents when travelling outside of the UK. Proof of ownership is a particularly useful document, as is certification of the vehicle’s last service. While you may not need these documents, they are light to pack and provide peace of mind in the event of an accident.

Snacks, drinks and Games for the Road 

Last, but not least, we have the need for snacks, drinks and games for the road. Whether you are travelling with kids or responsible adults, road-trips force you to spend prolonged periods of time in a confined space and it is important to note that you will not always be traversing places of interest or historical landmarks. Distractions are worth their weight in gold during less engaging parts of the route, so make sure that you pack enough snacks and games to make the time fly!




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