10 Cool Ways to Pimp Your Ride

If you want a customized car that only you have the pleasure of owning in the entire world, you’ve come to the right place. There are hundreds of different things you can do to your car to customize it, but here are 10 of the coolest ways:

Performance Exhaust

A performance exhaust isn’t about finding the loudest exhaust – you’ll just sound like a show off. Getting the right exhaust will add a little horsepower to your car and a little, but not too much, noise.

Install Better Speakers

Most people like to ride around on a hot day with their favorite tunes blaring, but if you use the stereo your car came with you can end up disappointed. Installing good speakers is essential if you want just the right amount of bass – you want to feel your music, don’t you?

Bucket Seats

Bucket seats look sportier and are much comfier to sit in. You don’t necessarily need this kind of seat; you could find interior seats you prefer, made from plush leather for example. You have lots of choice!



Update Wheels/Rims

You have an endless amount of options when it comes to updating your wheels/rims. You can get different sizes, colors, styles, the lot. Choose yours carefully to really enhance the look of your car.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are the perfect way to completely change the look of your car. Whether you’re advertising a business or just want to add some cool graphics, you can do this with the help of vehicle wraps.

Tint Your Windows

Tinted windows have a few different benefits. Not only can you deter thieves by hiding the things you have in your car, you can look cool as hell while you’re riding around. Just beware that some places require you to have a lighter tint so the car isn’t too difficult to see into should you get stopped by the police.

Video Monitors in Your Headrest

If you’ve ever watched Pimp My Ride, you’ll know that video monitors in the headrest are one of the most popular modifications to make. It’s a fairly simple job to do, and if you’d prefer you could simply make it a stand for a tablet. Tablets will have more features, such as internet access. However, monitors can look cooler.

Add a Refrigerator

Adding a refrigerator isn’t as hard as it seems, providing it’s done by a professional. You can buy one cheaply online and they get a professional to install it in between the front seats. Cold drinks all day for you!

Mood Lighting

If you spend a lot of time in your car with the opposite sex, mood lighting is a wonderful option. Turn your car into the ultimate love mobile with the right lighting.

Replace the Gear Shift

Finally, what looks fancier than a pimped out gear shift? Nothing, that’s what!

Which of these 10 modifications will you be making to your car? Leave a comment to let us know which you think are the best. Any of your own suggestions? Let us know those too!


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